After Louie

A film by Vincent Gagliostro
Written by Vincent Gagliostro and Anthony Johnston
Produced by Bryce J. Renninger and Lauren Belfer
After Louie makes sense of contemporary gay life through the story of Sam, a man who came of age during the AIDS crisis, who must take a step back to understand how he — and his community — got to where they are today.  To do that, he must first meet a guileless guide to the younger generation of gay men, a 30-year old writer named Braeden. Sam was a member of the AIDS activist collective ACT UP and saw most of his friends die several decades ago; Braeden is part of a generation that knows about the AIDS crisis, but has never had to deal with the trauma that so informs Sam’s life, then and now.
— Larry Kramer
My first impression was, I’ve never seen a gay movie like this, and, how important it would be to see one like this. Vincent has captured aspects of our world that I have never seen in a screenplay before. Vincent, with his co-writer Anthony, have written something totally amazing. 
The story and the milieu is universal and will resonate through all generations, it is certainly about people much younger than I, but I identified with it and I felt those characters and I felt the situation and I felt the drama inherent in all their lives, which isn’t dissimilar from what we’ve all gone through at one time in our lives, whether we were young looking for love, or older, looking back and wishing we had found it. Vincent has a real sense of the pulse of something, and has written a film that will resonate to all generations.
I was knocked out, this will be an exceptional film.

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